Welcome to our second photo challenge “Bubbles”

If you missed last week’s challange, you can find it here!

A Charming Heart’s Shot:

Unfortunately  this was not the shot that I had intended this week for our photo challenge. I had envisioned my cat interacting and playing with the bubbles in the photograph…he was a cranky model instead. I hope to redo this photograph again at another time. Oh well Ce la vie!

Chasing Now‘s Shot:

Bubble Collage

This photo did not come out at all how I intended. I just might have to reshoot this one! The busyness of life sometimes gets in the way and a deadline comes up way too fast. My original idea was inspired by the bubbles in Cinderella in the scene when she scrubs the floor, which is why they are different colors. Since I was unable to shoot the photo the way I wanted, I composited a bunch of old photos together to create an imaginative little daydreamer scene. The bright side of this challenge is I learned how to make bubbles in Photoshop!

Bubble CollagePhoto Challenge Bubbles

Were either of the photos what you have in mind when you think of Bubbles?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts.

We want to see what you came up with! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@ChasingNow and @ACharmingHeart) and use the hashtag #AlliAndNikki so we can see your posts. Our next theme is Free and will be posted in two weeks on Nikki’s blog: https://chasingnowphoto.wordpress.com


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